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What is it that makes us human?

The question lingers in my mind as I sit here, staring in a 300-meter deep pit. What I’m looking at, is a man-made disaster turned into a tourist attraction, complete with beach chairs, umbrellas, and unused trash cans. Is this really how we solve our problems after ruling the planet for 300,000 years?

The stories that I read to you before bedtime are often funny and light, to bring your mind at ease before the night. This story isn’t funny and light at all. It’s complicated and dark. There are no quick fixes for these complicated issues. As with all things complex, there are many small narratives that make up the big picture.  Always keep in mind that it’s almost never pure black and white.

The scars on our body tell a story of a moment in time. Like the one where you bumped into a closet at school or the one on your leg, when you fell with your bike in France.
However, it’s different when you are scarred by someone on purpose.
What now looks like an open wound, will forever be scar tissue for us to look at.

Gazing over the man-made landscape, I’m overwhelmed by this indescribable feeling. It’s a mix of heartbreak and hope. The heartbreak comes from seeing the world we have left for you to grow up in. I feel like a bystander, unable to control the things happening. But the feeling of hope eases that heartbreak. It’s the hope I see within you, your honesty, and your unwavering righteousness.

I can see your heart break when you watch the news. It keeps you awake at night, desperately trying to understand why things happen.
 I know it’s hard to feel so much, but it’s a gift that will lead you to do great things in the future.

Every night, before I go to bed, I make a picture of you. I watch you grow bigger, and it scares me that I can’t stop time. In these busy times, it’s these moments I treasure the most because they make me realize what’s important. 

I will not tell you which path to follow, but I hope I can set an  example for you. Make sure you never stop caring, and never stop fighting for what you think is right. But most important, never lose hope. Because just when you think everything is lost, you'll see that sparkle of hope.
 A random act of kindness makes you realize not all is lost.

When I hear you speak words of wisdom far beyond your years, I know you are going to change the world, and my high hopes for your future are well-founded.

When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light we'll see. You shouldn't be afraid because I will always stand by you.

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